Thailand TISI Regulatory Update Information Standard

Thailand TISI announced on June 24, 2022 that the new standard TIS 62368 Part 1-2563 will replace the old standard TIS 1195-2536. The details are as follows:

Control products includes: audio-visual products or Power Adapter for audio-visual products

If it is originally within the control scope of the old standard TIS 1195-2536

It will be Mandatory to use of TIS 62368 after 180 days after the publication of the standard (2022-12-21)

Power Adapter for tablets and mobile phones: TIS 62368 is mandatory for a new item of the new standard, 480 days after the standard is published (2023-10-17)

Audio-visual products are not mandatory if they are professional products and are used in public places or their input voltage is less than 50 Vac or 75 Vdc