Solution - Smart Home
Solutions for Home Automation
Through IoT , people can control and manage various electronic devices in home, providing a more convenient, comfortable, efficient, and secure living environment. However, it is important to ensure privacy and data security when using smart home technology. Following are the applications for smart home:
Security monitoring category: Smart cameras, smart door locks, sensors, etc.
Smart tools category: Smart lighting, smart speakers, smart switches, etc.
Network devices category: Routers, wireless network extenders, network switches, etc.
Home entertainment category: Audio/video distributors connected to TVs, home theater systems, gaming consoles, computers, etc. Various fitness equipment/training devices and massage chairs/massagers can also be included for home leisure and entertainment purposes.
Advantages of Electrical and Information Standard Power Supplies
Expanded application range: Power supplies that meet both EN60335 and EN 62368 standards can be used in a variety of products, increasing their versatility and application range.
Improved efficiency: Power supplies certified to meet both EN60335 and EN 62368 standards often utilize high-efficiency power conversion technology and power management features, which can improve the product's energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and heat generation.
Enhanced quality: Power supplies that comply with both EN60335 and EN 62368 standards require strict control over product quality and production processes, improving the overall quality and reliability of the product while reducing failure rates and maintenance costs.
ENG new models designed to meet information, home appliance, and even medical product standards. Customers can choose suitable products for testing to obtain product safety certifications. ENG can provide partial modifications or fully customized products. Please contact us immediately for further assistance.
Do different safety regulations apply to home appliances and information products?
Yes. Home appliances and information products are subject to different safety regulations because they have different designs and usage patterns, requiring safety assessment and standards specific to their respective risks.
Home appliances primarily refer to electrical appliances used in homes and commercial environments. These products typically need to consider risks related to personal and property safety. Therefore, they must comply with relevant safety standards, such as EN60335.
Information products, on the other hand, mainly include products related to information processing and communication, such as computers, mobile phones, routers, etc. These products primarily need to consider risks related to data security and electromagnetic compatibility. Hence, they must comply with corresponding safety standards, such as EN 62368
Additionally, due to the different electronic components and circuits used in home appliances and information products, their safety assessment and testing methods also differ. Therefore, it is necessary to use the appropriate safety regulations for different products to ensure their safety and compliance.
Medical Power
Product Application
01 Surveillance cameras/Smart door lock
02 HDMI Spliltter
03 Router
04 Bike exerciser(60335)
05 Wireless LED lamp
06 Portable Massager