Solution - Hybrid Work
What is Hybrid Work ?
It is a new concept of work enviorment. A happy, empowered, and highly collaborative team that can work from anywhere with greater flexibility and efficiency is the key advantage of "hybrid work."
It not only solve the office restrictions by the pandemic but, more importantly, leads the way to a new normal in the future of the workplace—a rapidly growing work model.
Whether employees are in the HQ, branch office, factory, coworking space, or at home,they require an integrated platform for interactive collaboration. This platform should encompass features such as meetings, video conferencing, voice communication, chat, and project management, supporting various forms of collaboration and solutions.
What kind of equipment will need ENG power supply?
A/V Device and Accessories: High-quality camera , microphone and HDMI splitter , providing clear image and sound. Those devices will support various video conference software and platforms, such as Zoom, Teams, etc.
Network connection: through Wi-Fi or cable connection to mutual networking, so as to ensure high quality video conference for multi-work places.
Operation and control: the video conference system is easy to operate and control. People in different place adjust and control audio and video by their cell phone, tablet, PC or other personal devices easily.
IT & A/V type of Power need any Safety approval?
Yes, IEC 62368-1 . With the boundaries between information/communication and audio/video technologies becoming increasingly blurred, IEC 62368-1 is a new safety engineering standard that establishes regulations based on hazards.
This new standard has a broader scope, encompassing applications that were previously covered by different standards of IEC 60950-1 and IEC 60065.
It applies to electronic devices with voltages up to 600V, such as POS terminals, banking equipment, other telecommunications and office equipment, speakers, surveillance cameras, smart home devices, and other audio/video equipment. Furthermore, this new standard also covers Internet of Things (IoT) devices, laptops, mobile devices, gaming systems, and other electronically powered devices.
Medical Power
Product Application
01 Web CAM
02 Audio System
03 HDMI splitter
04 NAT/Switch/Router
05 Printer
06 Mini projector